Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ronaldo Closes In On Best's Scoring Record

As Ronaldo closes in on George Best’s scoring record for a season we want to
know if you think he is a better player than the United legend?

Whenever United get a new and exciting young winger inevitable comparisons
are made with the legendary George Best.

So far nobody has ever fully lived up to the tag – although Ryan Giggs came
closest until the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

And with Ronaldo something extraordinary has happened. On his performances
over the last couple of seasons it is no longer a question of whether Ronaldo
might be as good as George Best – but the almost unimaginable suggestion that
he might even be better.

With his first hat-trick for the club coming against Newcastle on Saturday Ronaldo
took his season’s tally to 22 goals – ten short of Best’s all-time record for a
winger of 32 in a season set when they won the European Cup in 1968.

United have at least 20 games left to play this season and that’s even if they
progress no further in the Champions League and FA Cup.

As the chances of them being knocked out of both competitions in the next round
are unlikely (he writes without fear or cursing them) Ronaldo has ample
opportunity to break the record even if his strike ratio drops to an unlikely goal
every other game.

We know that Best’s top-flight career at United was longer than Ronaldo’s has
been so far and that he made a bigger and more consistent impact earlier on but
we think it is hard to ignore comparisons between the two any longer and want
to know your views.

Is Ronaldo better than George Best? Tell us what you think......